Review: Touching Smoke, by Airicka Phoenix

Not sure if it’s the formatting, but the paragraphing had weird breaks where there shouldn’t be or walls of text instead of crisp paragraphs. This subtracted a bit from the tension because I had to re-read parts to follow who said what, and when. **Pro-tip: When creating .mobi files, never, ever, ever, EVER convert from […]

The Importance of Eating Good Fish

While fulfilling my science requirements at Western Washington University, I enrolled in Environmental Science 101. It was in a massive lecture-style classroom that was filled with at least 300 bodies. The professor was a young(ish) man who wore cargo pants and Merrell hiking shoes as a uniform of sorts—a far cry from the tweeds of […]

McIntosh Area School

The School opened with 17 students in K – 1 on August 7th, 2003 at its campus on the south side of McIntosh and on the west side of Highway 441. We’ve grown into a kindergarten through third-grade school with 73 students. Each year a new class will be added until the school will have […]