Become a speed reading guru with these tips

Since we are on the topic of speed reading, one thing I have found over the years is that your reading speed radical increases if you utilize the help of your fingers. Yes, it might seem like a childish thing to do but it really does work.

Notice how young kids who are just starting to learn how to read put their fingers on the words and follow the finger? Well, that is something instinctual that comes naturally to them. They know that is the easiest and best way to focus on the words so that they can move on to the next word without being too distracted.

One thing is for sure – this step will not dramatically increase your reading speed. However, it will definitely help a lot. Some have been known to double their reading speed just by using the power of their finger. So you can imagine how much time you save if you are able to do the same. Try it and you will notice that you are able to focus on the words better.

You might still not be convinced so let me give you another example. I am sure that you have visited an optometrist before. Well, when he is testing the clarity of your eyesight, notice how he would either use his finger to point out the alphabets he wants you to see or at the very least use a laser pointer. This is because he wants to direct your attention to the particular alphabet or number so that you are looking directly at it. Humans lack focus and definitely need some help to draw their attention to particular objects.

The next time you are reading, you really should try following your finger. It is so easy to be distracted by the other words in the same paragraph. Some people even note that the words seem to swim around them and that is why they get stuck on a particular page. If you read by following your finger, it will definitely help your focus and attention.

All these methods are of course not full proof and in fact, the end result lies solely with the individual. Some people might find that their reading speed radically increases while others might only see a marginal result. Whatever the conclusion, these methods will certainly help you if you are interested in being able to read faster. Speed reading has so many benefits and anyway, these methods do not take up too much time. There is certainly no harm in trying them out!